Executive AI Program

Created jointly by UCI’s School of Social Science,School of Law, and Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

The rise of AI in the past decade has caused businesses to rethink ways of integrating this technology into their corporate strategy. However, most decision makers do not fully understand how AI works, nor fully grasp its unintended consequences. Failure to understand and address questions around fairness, privacy, and bias risks the loss of public trust in AI.

Most executive AI programs focus on new technologies. This groundbreaking program is different: it lies at the critical intersection of policy, governance, and technology. Innovative yet practical, this program will strengthen your capacity to lead in AI, including how to mitigate risk without inhibiting innovation.

Together with your peers, preeminent UCI faculty, and well- known guest speakers, you will be immersed in the implications of AI for law, society, and policy in this unique online learning experience.

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Program Modules and Experience

This pioneering program will enhance your knowledge of what AI is and isn’t, help you determine appropriate technologies for your organization, and sharpen your critical thinking around issues such as privacy, security, and fairness.

Detailed Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction AI and Business
  • Module 2: Understanding Machine Learning
  • Module 3: Identifying AI Opportunities
  • Module 4: Introduction to AI Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Module 5: Policy Framework of AI
  • Module 6: The Future of AI

Keep it Real

Our pedagogical approach is designed to bring concepts to life, including:

  • Byte-sized learning
  • Case study
  • Peer learning discussion
  • Live, interactive session

Who should attend?

The program is designed for senior-level leaders in corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors involved in AI or ML product development, service delivery, or policymaking, such as:

  • C-Suite executives
  • Senior managers in technology, compliance, consulting, sales, and marketing
  • Leaders of civic, social, and political organizations, and elected public officials
  • Professionals in healthcare, financial services, transportation, utilities, education, and criminal justice

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how AI tools and technologies work across different industries
  • Analyze the risks and challenges regarding privacy and data security in the applications of AI
  • Recommend best practices and policies governing AI
  • Formulate a business plan/strategy integrating AI to grow the revenue while fostering trust among the stakeholders

The professional experience and background you bring to this program will be critical to the learning process. You should come prepared to help shape conversations, be challenged, and gain new insights about AI and ML technologies. This is your opportunity to lead in AI with renewed confidence and skill alongside peers from across sectors.

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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Bill Maurer

Dean, School of Social Science, UCI

Dr. Padhraic Smyth

Professor, School of Information and Computer Sciences, UCI

Dr. Paul Dourish

Professor, School of Information and Computer Sciences, UCI

Dr. Melissa Mazmanian

Professor, School of Information and Computer Sciences, UCI

Dr. Summer Kim

Professor School of Law, UCI

Trust, regulation, and governance are shaping up to be core concerns for AI deployments. They are essential for any organization going forward.

— Dr. Bill Maurer, Dean, School of Social Sciences University of California – Irvine